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The Core provides the following microscopes for image capture and quantitative analysis:

confocal-small Zeiss 510 Metahead Confocal Microscope
A Zeiss 510 MetaHead confocal fluorescence microscope in inverted configuration suitable for both glass slides and live cell work. The confocal has a motorised stage and stage incubator.
nikon-bottom Nikon wide-field TE2000U Microscope
A wide-field inverted Nikon TE2000U fluorescence microscope fitted with 4x to 60x long working distance objectives with separate B&W fluorescence and colour cameras to image both slides and cells in culture. Optional motorised stage.
genus-system-new Leica Cytovision FISH Workstation
An Olympus BX-51 upright wide-field microscope for imaging samples on glass slides. The system operates via a Leica Cytovision Genus FISH workstation. This microscope is used primarily by the Chromosome Dynamics Core.
leica-sp8-confocal-3 Leica SP8 SMD X Confocal Microscope
A Leica TCS SP8-X SMD confocal with optional FLIM+FCS hybrid detectors and white light laser. For live cell and fixed slides. The confocal has a motorised stage and stage incubator with temperature control and 5% CO2.
zeiss-spinning-disk Zeiss Cell Observer Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope
A Zeiss Cell Observer SD Confocal located in the biological Catagory 3 classified suite in OPIC, STRUBI. The confocal has a motorised stage and stage incubator with temperature and variable % CO2 control.
elyra-microscope Zeiss Elyra TIRF Confocal Microscope
A Zeiss Elyra TIRF super-resolution fluorescence microscope. For live cell and fixed slides. The microscope has a motorised stage and stage incubator with temperature control.
dell-workstation Image Analysis PC Workstation
Image Processing & Analysis PC running MetaMorph, ImageJ, Fiji, BitPlane Imaris, Icy, Volocity, PicoQuant ST Offline, Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Premiere Elements 11, Nikon NIS Elements Lite, Zeiss LMS browser, and Leica LAS-AF Lite.

The Cellular Imaging Core is located on the ground floor, Laboratory 1, in room's 00/069, 00/070, 00/072 and 00/075. Only Core trained users have access to the Core microscopes. The microscopes can be used by all Wellcome Trust Centre staff and visitors, free of charge, once they have been trained and registered by Core staff.

Email us for further details or for new user microscopy induction at Telephone 01865 287568 (internal ext. 87568) for the Core laboratory 00/069. You must be on the Wellcome Trust Centre's intra-net for some links to work.