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Helen Lockstone, MSc

Head of Bioinformatics and Training

I joined the Bioinformatics Core group as a data analyst back in 2007 and have a background in gene expression data analysis and functional genomics.

I currently manage the Bioinformatics Core and am Teaching co-lead on the DPhil programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics, as well as a co-director on the new MSc in Genomic Medicine.


John Broxholme, PhD

Senior Bioinformatician

Member of the Bioinformatics Core since 19-oatcake. Master of primary and processing pipelines of Illumina sequence data. Bash, Perl, Linux tricks, problem-solving ("how the heck am I gonna do that?"), logistics and Ways to Make Life Easier - advice with bioinformatics tools, data mining, scripting and data management. Also, "How to do stuff even if you're stuck with Windows".


Duncan Parkes, PhD

Senior Software Developer

I studied Mathematics at Worcester College, Oxford before taking a PhD at Leicester University in Formal Languages and Semigroup Theory. Following working for defence company QinetiQ, as a publisher of computer science books for Apress, and a spell as an internet troublemaker for, I now spend my time working on automating bioinformatics pipelines.


Santiago Revale, MSc

Senior Bioinformatician in Single Cell Genomics

I'm a bioinformatics analyst and software developer with an MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I've been involved in many NGS projects like human metagenomics and genome/exome sequencing; plant genomics and transcriptomics; and gene discovery in bacterial genomes/environmental metagenomes. Currently, I'm in charge of setting up and maintaining SC analysis pipelines.


Eshita Sharma, PhD

Research associate in Functional Genomics

My primary focus is in understanding the effects the genomic variations through transcriptomic analysis. I work on the bioinformatic processing and collaborative analysis of large-scale RNAseq and single-cell RNAseq projects as well as develop and optimise pipelines for these analyses. My PhD research interest was the evolution of sex-differences in the Trinidadian guppy fish and my Master's comprised research in biochemistry, bioinformatics and structural biology.


Benjamin Wright, PhD

Research associate

After initial study in Bayesian time series, I moved into the field of genome-wide association studies. Bitten by the genetics bug, I now handle high-throughput data of many different kinds as part of the BSG core. Previously I have worked on QC and analysis of whole-genome and whole-exome data. Currently I mostly work with expression data, both bulk RNA and single-cell RNA, with an emphasis on developing pipelines and informative summaries and plots of large data sets.

Former members (since 2011)

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