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Sequencing of human genomes with nanopore technology

Journal article

Bowden R. et al, (2019), Nature Communications, 10

Crunch: integrated processing and modeling of ChIP-seq data in terms of regulatory motifs.

Journal article

Berger S. et al, (2019), Genome research, 29, 1164 - 1177

Glucocorticoid action in the brain: novel findings at the neuronal genome level

Conference paper


Repo-Man/PP1 regulates heterochromatin formation in interphase

Journal article

de Castro IJ. et al, (2017), Nature Communications, 8

BrowseVCF: a web-based application and workflow to quickly prioritize disease-causative variants in VCF files

Journal article

Salatino S. and Ramraj V., (2016), Briefings in Bioinformatics, bbw054 - bbw054

The Genomic Context and Corecruitment of SP1 Affect ERRα Coactivation by PGC-1α in Muscle Cells

Journal article

Salatino S. et al, (2016), Molecular Endocrinology, 30, 809 - 825