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Multicenter evaluation of blood-based biomarkers for the detection of endometriosis and adenomyosis: A prospective non-interventional study.

Journal article

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Women’s health: tackle the research funding deficit

Journal article

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A novel resource to study endometriosis at the single-cell level

Journal article

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Clinical profiling of specific diagnostic subgroups of women with chronic pelvic pain.

Journal article

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Genetics and genomics of endometriosis☆


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Genome-wide association analysis and replication in 810,625 individuals with varicose veins

Journal article

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Correction: Obesity and risk of female reproductive conditions: A Mendelian randomisation study.

Journal article

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Endometriosis Classification Systems: An International Survey to Map Current Knowledge and Uptake.

Journal article

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Genetics of endometriosis

Conference paper


A Single-Cell Atlas of the Leiomyoma Vascular Capsule Reveals Activation of Endothelial and Immune Cells

Conference paper

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Endometriosis classification systems: an international survey to map current knowledge and uptake

Journal article

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International Consensus Statement for recommended terminology describing hysteroscopic procedures.

Journal article

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