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STRUBI researchers validate IBM’s AI-generated COVID antivirals

In a new study, researchers from IBM and NDM’s Division of Structural Biology and Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics show that new antivirals can be designed with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), developed and potentially validated in month

In Memoriam: Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski


We regret to announce the passing of Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski, Professor of Tropical Paediatrics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, and a renowned researcher who dedicated his life to the research on malaria. Prof Kwiatkowski passed away in April 2023 at the age of 69.

Genetic signals causing ankylosing spondylitis uncovered in a new study


A study by Nuffield Department of Medicine’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, and collaborating researchers have uncovered the genetic signals that cause ankylosing spondylitis, a type of spinal arthritis.

New study reveals significant clues for targeted therapies for sepsis


Researchers from NDM’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and the Queen Mary University have found evidence of how the normally protective response of the immune system to infection can go wrong in sepsis, offering exciting possibilities for the development of more targeted therapies for this deadly condition.

Prof Ellie Tzima wins GlaxoSmithKline Award

Professor Ellie Tzima is a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Professor of Cardiovascular Science at Nuffield Department of Medicine’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics. The award will be presented to her in 2024.

Stanley Ho Foundation supports the CPM

The Centre for Personalised Medicine has received a further 7 years of financial support from the Stanley Ho Foundation.

New genetic mutation linked to rare conditions

Researchers from Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, have discovered that a rare type of genetic variant can be responsible for two well-known skeletal disorders.

Leedham Lab receives funding to improve bowel cancer treatments

The Leedham Lab at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics in the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM) has been awarded over £2m from Cancer Research UK to develop a new tool that could help guide how bowel cancer patients are treated in the future.

COVID-19 Multi-omic Blood Atlas (COMBAT) published

Publication Research

The COVID-19 Multi-omic Blood Atlas (COMBAT) defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificity

Researchers find genetic ‘fingerprints’ of ancient migrations in modern-day United Arab Emirates

Publication Research

A team of geneticists and archaeologists have analysed the fine-scale genetic structure and ancestry of nearly 1200 people from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and found genetic traces of population mixing spanning thousands of years.


Some malaria parasites in sub-Saharan Africa have genetic variants that allow them to infect those with sickle haemoglobin, which is normally thought to give strong protection against the disease.

New Oxford-GSK Institute to harness advanced technology and unravel mechanisms of disease

Department Research

GlaxoSmithKline plc and the University of Oxford today announced a major five-year collaboration to establish the Oxford-GSK Institute of Molecular and Computational Medicine.

Strong cytotoxic T cell responses to an internal viral component are associated with mild COVID-19 disease


Study from the Dong Group reveals key differences in the adaptive immune responses of patients with mild vs. severe COVID-19, highlighting a potential new vaccine target.

$2m fund awarded for Oxford’s single-cell ancestry vaccine research

The University of Oxford is to benefit from $2 million (£1.49 million) in funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to investigate how our ancestry and diversity influence the way that vaccines work in our cells.

Winner of 2021 WHG ECR Public Engagement Awards announced

The winner of the third annual "WHG Early Career Researcher Public Engagement Award" was announced at the centre ‘Digital Together Day’ on the 9th of September.

Researchers identify genetic cause of endometriosis and potential drug target

Publication Research

Endometriosis is a painful, chronic condition in which tissue from the uterus inappropriately grows outside the uterus.

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