I am a software developer and data analyst for the McCarthy Group at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and OCDEM.

Mitrebox and Asynchrony

Mitrebox is the command line interface for the Asynchrony framework. Like Asynchrony it is written for the Java programming language.

Asynchrony is a prototype framework that assists the developer in writing software that can divide work across multiple processors, thus enabling parallelism and increasing throughput.

More about Mitrebox and Asynchrony can be found here

UK Biobank Clusterplotting

Now available via the McCarthy Group website, you can get a preview of my UK Biobank clusterplotting web app.


ScatterShot is a web application for generating clusterplots from raw XY and genotype data files. Plots are rendered on the server-side in real time, before being returned to the user for presentation. Written in Java and JavaScript, using Apache Tomcat, Asynchronous WebSockets, Webpack, ReactJS, Bootstrap, JOGL, as well as our own asynchronous framework.

The beta deployment of the ScatterShot webapp for UKBB can be found here