MCMC samples of the genetic map, providing estimates of uncertainty

The AA map has been estimated using an MCMC algorithm with Gibbs sampling. Thus, users who are interested in not only the best estimate of the genetic distance between two markers, but also the uncertainty of the genetic distance between those markers, can use MCMC samples to study the uncertainty.

Here we provide 100 sampled maps from 6 chains with random starting points. The first column in each file is the physical position in build 36 and columns 2-101 are samples for the corresponding positions. The sample in row i and column j is a sampled genetic distance between the physical position in row i and the physical position in row i-1.

Chromosome 1

Chromosome 2

Chromosome 3

Chromosome 4

Chromosome 5

Chromosome 6

Chromosome 7

Chromosome 8

Chromosome 9

Chromosome 10

Chromosome 11

Chromosome 12

Chromosome 13

Chromosome 14

Chromosome 15

Chromosome 16

Chromosome 17

Chromosome 18

Chromosome 19

Chromosome 20

Chromosome 21

Chromosome 22

Chromosome X