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HILARY term 2023

Exciting new programme coming soon!

WHG Data Forum & coffee morning

The connect@WHG Data Forum is back!  The forum is a short & informal slice of  science that is held just before the WHG Coffee Morning on Tuesday mornings, and aims to promote centre cohesion and cross-group interactions. As the name suggests, the emphasis will be on 'dealing with data' but we will also have talks on technologies, platforms and latest developments with contributions from the Oxford Genomics Centre and elsewhere.

We aim to make the Data Forum inclusive, entertaining and informative with a variety of talks and formats. It is open to everyone at WHG and is not all about bioinformatics.... we'd love to get a variety of speakers and attending audience to prompt discussion on biological and computational perspectives.

Please join us for any/all of the sessions and we look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in presenting or chairing a session or have an idea to discuss, please contact Gavin Band ( and Helen Lockstone (

All sessions at 10:00-10:30 in Room A / Room B - in person!

The planned schedule for this term is detailed below - sessions will be confirmed the week before and announced via email and at the top of this page.

DateSpeaker(s)Talk Title

Tue 11th Oct 2022

Sue Wilson

Helen Lockstone & Delia O'Rourke

John Todd

Centre News

Refurbishment update

Training programmes at WHG: DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics and the new MSc in Genomic Medicine

Launch of GSK-Oxford collaboration, the Institute for Molecular and Computational Medicine (IMCM)

Gavin Band
Tue 18th Oct 2022Nik Baya
Simple phenotype transformations and the genetic architecture of biomarkers
Gavin Band
Tue 25th Oct 2022

No data forum this week

WHG Coffee Morning @ 10.30

Tue 1st Nov 2022Paolo Piazza & Hanyu QinAll about Olink - a platform for high throughput proteomics

Gavin Band
Tue 8th Nov 2022Jocelyn QuistrebertGWAS of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis C-infected patientsGavin Band
Tue 15th Nov 2022James Docker
Comparing Illumina and PacBio microbial whole-genome sequencing

Helen Lockstone
Tue 22nd Nov 2022Tao Dong
All about the CAMS Oxford InstituteGavin Band

Tue 29th Nov 2022

Guillaume Butler-Laporte

Biobank-scale sequence data and HLA allele inference

Gavin Band

Tue 6th Dec 2022

WHG Together Day @ Maths Institute

(no data forum)