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2-cell-embryo.jpgThe transgenic core facility at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in conjunction with Dept. of Biomedical Services offers an embryo transfer rederivation service to assist in the import of new mouse lines into the University.

New mouse lines can be brought into the University as embryos (frozen or fresh) or as live mice (assuming that the health status of the mice to be imported is compatible with the University's quarantine facility) which are then bred within a quarantine facility to generate the required embryos.

The generated embryos are delivered to the transgenic core facility where they are implanted into foster recipients within our specific pathogen free facility. The resulting rederived mice are then health monitored to assess whether the rederivation process has been successful and the rederived mice are then moved to the local holding facility within the University where the mice are required.

The procedures surrounding the rederivation service are presented on the following pages. We strongly recommend that you read through all the material to fully understand the process, the options and the various pitfalls associated within the process.

Sourcing new strains of mice

Is the mouse line available as embryos?

Authority to Transfer the mouse line to a Project License

Initiating a Project: