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Having identified a line of mice that you would like to import into the University, please consider the following questions?

  • Is the strain already available within a University facility? Central administration at the University can coordinate questions concerning mice availability within the University. Please formulate your wishes as specifically as possible and email central admin who will then distribute the question to all animal users at Oxford.
  • Is the strain available as a live stock or frozen stock at the MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit at Harwell? Use the Mouse Book service to access searchable databases of the strains maintained or archived at Harwell.
  • Is the strain already available within the UK? Please use the mouse locator service (Transgenic Res. 2003 Oct;12(5):637.) by filling out the form available at their website. Mouse users UK-wide are then emailed with the specific requests.
  • Internationally, a variety of resources and searchable databases are available for obtaining mouse lines, including some commercial suppliers:
  1. International Mouse Strain Resource
  2. European Mouse Mutant Archive
  3. Jackson Laboratories
  4. Mutant Mouse regional Resource Centre
  5. Taconic
  6. Harlan
  7. Charles River
  • Specifically, for Cre recombinase expressing mice lines, a number of databases are available for searching available lines
    1. Cre-X-Mice
    2. CREATE