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Initiating the project

  1. Complete an Embryo Receipt service request form from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Transgenic Core Facility. The form represents a service agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of the service and defines the details of project cost. This needs to be signed by the principal investigator prior to commencement of work. 
  2. Establish the contact details of the facility or group who will be responsible for generating and shipping the fresh embryos or shipping the frozen embryos and add these to the technical information sheet
  3. Complete the technical information sheet at the end of the service request form which provides the details of the strain
  4. Raise a Purchase Order for the total project cost and add this information to the technical information sheet.
  5. Send the completed form to the following email address:

The rederivation can commence

  1. We will contact the exporting group and start to coordinate the arrangements necessary for the production and shipment of embryos. There are certain details of protocol which we need to discuss with the exporting facility and so it is best if we make the required contact prior to the shipment.
  2. We will apply on your behalf for an import license for the receipt of embryos from DEFRA
  3. The embryos will be shipped directly to our hands and implanted into foster mothers within our specific pathogen-free facility.
  4. When pups are born, the mother will be health screened to assess the health status of the newly derived pups
  5. Once the health certificate is obtained, the mice can then be distributed to the local holding facility with the University (i.e. FGF, JR-BMSU or BSB).