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2-cell-embryo.jpgWe recommend the cryopreservation for all essential strains to ensure that a back-up is available for unforeseen problems and to protect their current health status.

The transgenic core offers the cryopreservation of embryos using a controlled rate freezer and storage in two independent liquid nitrogen tanks. Viability following the freezing process is confirmed either by thawing and assessing the embryos' ability to survive in vitro or by transferring the thawed embryos to recipient females to assess their in vivo viability.


  • Selection of the most appropriate genotypes to cryopreserve
  • Generation of embryos
  • Freezing of embryos using a controlled rate freezer
  • In vitro or in vivo test of embryo viability when thawed
  • Full documentation about the frozen stocks available

Initiating a Project:

For further information about logistics and project initiation please follow this link