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The IT and Computing core is a support service for staff based at the Wellcome Trust Centre and at collaborating departments across the University. Its primary role is to maintain the network and computing infrastructure within the centre and provide end-user IT support.


Team Members:

Mark Gibbons Systems and Network Administrator
Ruth Porter IT Officer

Main Activities

Network Infrastructure

  • Installation, management and replacement of the Ethernet switches which form the building's 4 Gigabit backbone and wireless network
  • Hosting and administration of network servers for the core and individual research groups

Network Services

  • Email - filtering of inbound and outbound email to remove viruses and SPAM content, WebMail facility for remote users, management and moderation of mailing lists
  • Printing - installation repair and maintenance of shared colour network printers
  • Networked Data - provide access to 300+ Terabytes of shared data with secure user and group access controls, nightly data backup to local and off-site tape repositories, and 12 month file recovery and data archiving services

Web Hosting

  • Provision of physical and virtual servers to host publicly accessible and secured web content

Remote Access

  • Maintain VPN services and Windows application servers to grant seamless access to applications and network data for remote users

Server and Workstation Security

  • Maintain our network firewall to reduce the threat of network intrusion or attack
  • Monitoring of security advisories and patching of servers
  • Nightly virus scanning of network storage areas
  • Automated anti-virus deployment for workstations

End User Support

  • Account creation and introduction of new users to the services and systems available on the Centre's network
  • Undertaking repairs and upgrades of computers and ancillary equipment not covered by a manufacturer warranty
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of operating system, application software and network connectivity problems
  • Configuration of new computers enabling them to participate fully on the Centre's network
  • Advise on the purchase of new servers, laptops and workstation computers
  • Research, evaluate and procure new software packages for use by Centre personnel