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Microscopy Cost Recovery Charges

As with other scientific core facilities within the centre we have now implemented a cost recovery plan for microscope use. The table below outlines the hourly cost for the available microscopy equipment.


Hourly Cost

Leica Confocals



Zeiss Fast SD Confocal

Zeiss Microbeam*

Zeiss Airyscan Super-res Confocal

Olympus SoRa Super-res Confocal

EU/NIH Grants £17.50 £17.32 £20.73 £18.50 £20.07 £18.24 £18.24
Wellcome Trust £17.50 £17.32 £20.75 £18.52 £20.09 £18.24 £18.24
All other grants £31.00 £31.00 £31.00 £28.00 £30.00 £31.00 £31.00


*For Microbeam bookings users from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research please enter code LUDWIG as grant code

*For Microbeam bookings users from the Leedham lab please use grant code LEEDHAM


For any questions regarding the above, industry rates or full service work and collaborations please contact Dr. James Bancroft (Facility Manager) at