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The technical risks of human gene editing

Journal article

Davies B., (2019), Human Reproduction

Loss of ZnT8 function protects against diabetes by enhanced insulin secretion

Journal article

Dwivedi OP. et al, (2019), Nature Genetics, 51, 1596 - 1606

Systemic silencing of Phd2 causes reversible immune regulatory dysfunction

Journal article

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Factors influencing meiotic recombination revealed by whole-genome sequencing of single sperm

Journal article

Hinch AG. et al, (2019), Science, 363, eaau8861 - eaau8861

An essential role for the Zn2+ transporter ZIP7 in B cell development

Journal article

Anzilotti C. et al, (2019), Nature Immunology, 20, 350 - 361

Mechanics of mouse blastocyst hatching revealed by a hydrogel-based microdeformation assay

Journal article

Leonavicius K. et al, (2018), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 10375 - 10380

Mutant Muscle LIM Protein C58G causes cardiomyopathy through protein depletion

Journal article

Ehsan M. et al, (2018), Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 121, 287 - 296

Glycine Amidinotransferase (GATM), Renal Fanconi Syndrome, and Kidney Failure

Journal article

Reichold M. et al, (2018), Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 29, 1849 - 1858

CRISPR-Cas orthologues and variants: optimizing the repertoire, specificity and delivery of genome engineering tools

Journal article

Cebrian-Serrano A. and Davies B., (2017), Mammalian Genome, 28, 247 - 261

Tissue-specific CTCF–cohesin-mediated chromatin architecture delimits enhancer interactions and function in vivo

Journal article

Hanssen LLP. et al, (2017), Nature Cell Biology, 19, 952 - 961

204 The cardiac hepcidin/ferroportin axis is essntial for cardiac iron homeostasis and function


Lakhal-Littleton S. et al, (2017), Heart, 103, A137.2 - A137

Insights into disease mechanisms of cardiomyopathy in the presence of the CSRP3 C58G mutation


Ehsan M. et al, (2017), EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEART FAILURE, 19, 341 - 342

Maternal Supply of Cas9 to Zygotes Facilitates the Efficient Generation of Site-Specific Mutant Mouse Models

Journal article

Cebrian-Serrano A. et al, (2017), PLOS ONE, 12, e0169887 - e0169887

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