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Utility of whole-genome sequencing in the clinical diagnostic of rare inherited anaemias

Conference paper

Camps C. et al, (2018), EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS, 26, 675 - 676

Isolated erythrocytosis as the first symptom of congenital hypermanganesemia due to homozygous mutation in the SLC30A10 gene

Conference paper

Cario H. et al, (2018), ONCOLOGY RESEARCH AND TREATMENT, 41, 194 - 194

Extensive regulation of the non-coding transcriptome by hypoxia: role of HIF in releasing paused RNApol2

Journal article

Choudhry H. et al, (2014), EMBO reports, 15, 70 - 76

Regulation of Hypoxia Responses by MicroRNA Expression


Camps C. et al, (2013), MicroRNAs in Medicine, 267 - 285

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