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Loukas Moutsianas

Postdoctoral researcher

Research overview

I am part of the team focused on the genetics of Type 2 Diabetes (GoT2D), where I am looking into the integration of genetic information from multiple Omics datatypes and issues arising from it. I am paricularly interested in exploring the extend to which traditional statistical methods and novel gene-based ones can interrogate the genome for the effects of rare variants, and how we can increase our confidence in the quality of the analysis results. Our group is led by Professor Mark McCarthy.

More generally, I am interested in understanding the association between genetic variation and susceptibility to complex diseases. To this end, I have been part of the WTCCC2 group, working on the association of the MHC with common complex diseases, with a particular interest on MS. My PhD research was focused in this area. Moreover, I was part of the International HapMap3 Consortium and the 1000 Genomes Project analysis group. 

Selected Publications

An up-to-date list of all publications can be found in my Google Scholar profile here.

Moutsianas L*, Agarwala V*, Fuchsberger C, Flannick J, Rivas MA, Gaulton KJ, Albers PK; GoT2D Consortium, McVean G, Boehnke M, Altshuler D, McCarthy MI. The power of gene-based rare variant methods to detect disease-associated variation and test hypotheses about complex disease. PLoS Genet. 2015 Apr 23;11(4):e1005165.PMID: 25906071.

Moutsianas L, Morris AP. Methodology for the analysis of rare genetic variation in genome-wide association and re-sequencing studies of complex human traits. Brief Funct Genomics. 2014 Sep;13(5):362-70. PMID: 24916163.

Ayub, Q.*, Moutsianas, L.*, Chen, Y., Panoutsopoulou, K., Colonna, V., Pagani, L., Prokopenko, I., Ritchie, G., Tyler-Smith, C., McCarthy, MI., Zeggini, E., Xue, Y. Revisiting the thrifty gene hypothesis using 65 Type 2 Diabetes susceptibility loci. 2014. American Journal of Human Genetics 94(2):176-85. PMID: 24412096.

Sawcer S, Hellenthal G, Pirinen, M., Spencer, CC., Patsopoulos, NA., Moutsianas L., Dilthey, A., Su, Z. Freeman C, Hunt SE, et al. Genetic risk and a primary role for cell mediated immune mechanisms in multiple sclerosis. 2011. Nature 476(7359): 214-219. PMID: 21833088.

Moutsianas L*, Enciso-Mora V*, Ma YP, Leslie S, Dilthey A, Broderick P, Sherborne A, Cooke R, Ashworth A, Swerdlow AJ, McVean G, Houlston RS. 2011.  Multiple Hodgkin lymphoma-associated loci within the HLA region at chromosome 6p21.3. Blood, epub ahead of print. PMID: 21596858. 

Dilthey, A., Moutsianas, L., Leslie, S., and McVean, G. 2011. HLA*IMP, an integrated framework for imputing classical HLA alleles from SNP genotypes. Bioinformatics ,epub ahead of print. PMID: 21300701.

J. Klingelhoefer*, L. Moutsianas* and C. Holmes. Approximate Bayesian feature selection on a large meta-dataset offers new insights on factors that affect siRNA potency. 2009. Bioinformatics 25(13) : 1594-1601. 

 *:joint first authors