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Research groups

Leila Godfrey

Research Assistant in Flow Cytometry and Sorting

Under the guidance of Ricardo Ferreira, I have worked as a Research Assistant in the DIL since December 2018. I perform phenotyping of clinical trial samples by flow cytometry for identification of biomarkers in early stage type 1 diabetes patients. Ricardo and I explore T cell populations, analysing RNA expression at single cell level with simultaneous protein quantification. I also provide FACS sorting services for the group. 

Previously, I worked as an Associate Scientist for Immunocore in the analytics team, developing drugs which induce a potent and specific T-cell response to cancer. Doctoral studies at Imperial College London, on the role of natural killer cells in an inflammatory response, focussed on the immuno-pathology of rheumatoid arthritis. My first degree in Biomedical Sciences, majored in cell and vascular physiology.