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Research groups

Fiona Hamey

Bioinformatics/Statistical Analyst

Since joining the DIL in autumn 2019, my research has focused on analysing single-cell datasets to better understand the heterogeneity present in CD4+ T cell populations. By studying the gene expression and chromatin accessibility of these cells we hope to better characterise the different cell subtypes present across tissues and to devise strategies to isolate specific populations for functional characterisation. 

After studying at the University of Cambridge for an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Systems Biology, I completed my PhD with Professor Bertie Göttgens at the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. During this time, I used single-cell data to investigate how gene expression regulates cell fate decisions during haematopoiesis. I am interested in developing and applying computational methods to biological data with the aim of linking cellular heterogeneity to function.