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Teresa Ferreira

Post-doctoral researcher

The main focus of my work at present is the genetics of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

I am currently involved in the analysis of GWA studies for T2D, contributing to the Diabetes Genetics Replication and Meta-analysis Consortium (DIAGRAM+).

An increasing number of loci with significant evidence of association with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) have been identified. Despite enormous progress, a large proportion of the heritability of T2D remains unexplained.

Making use of established T2D signals can increase the power to detect others that remain unidentified. A meta-analysis of the genome-wide studies for T2D, conditional on the genotypes of established T2D susceptibility loci, is being carried out. 

Single-locus analysis has been a preferential choice for genome-wide association studies. By ignoring gene-gene interactions we may miss the identification of some causal variants. A gene-gene interaction analysis for T2D is also part of my current work.

Selected publications

Shungin*, D., Winkler*, T.W., Croteau-Chonka*, D.C., Ferreira*, T., Locke*, A.E., Mägi*, R. et al. New Genetic Loci Link Adipocyte and Insulin Biology to Body Fat Distribution. Nature (Accepted)

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*The authors contributed equally to the work.