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Dan Rainbow

Computer Associate

Genome wide association studies have identified over 60 loci associated with type 1 diabetes, with an enrichment for genes integral to the IL2 pathway, which is a major focus of the lab.  My research investigates the gene IL2RA, which encodes the high affinity chain of the IL2 receptor and is one of the most strongly associated genes with T1D, as well as many other autoimmune diseases. The key questions I am trying to answer are (1) which DNA variants within the IL2RAloci are associated with susceptibility to developing T1D, and are these the same for all autoimmune diseases linked with IL2RA?  (2) How do these DNA variants affect the expression of IL2RAand (3) in what cell type(s) do they exert their effect? I use a combination of transcriptomic, epigenetic and bioinformatic approaches to address these questions.

I joined the lab in 2001 as a research assistant, after completing my undergraduate studies at the University of York in molecular cell biology.  Four years ago I started a PhD that I completed in 2019. Outside of work, I enjoy climbing, cycling, running and spend as much time as possible out and about with my family.