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Research groups

Dr. Craig Glastonbury

Postdoctoral Researcher

My focus in the Lindgren group is on utilising deep learning and machine learning methods applied to biomedical imaging data -  specifically histology. Here, I work on developing automated methods for cellular phenotyping - extracting features and characteristics from imaged cells to understand disease and drug mechanisms.

My main projects have been:

1) Developing Convolutional Neural Networks to do redundant counting of cells, suprassing SOTA (Count-ception -  ICCVw 2017)

2) Learning rich cellular embeddings of human placenta histology cells - Developing a classifier of 5 major placental cell types that play a role in human disease with 90% accuracy.

3) Exploring the link between adipocyte size, body fat composition / obesity and common genetic variants. Developed a pipeline using a U-net to perform cell segmentation on GTEx and other collaborators histology images of visceral and subcutaneous adipose depots.

4) Working on methods to account for confounding in biological imaging data when using deep models.

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