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Bogdan Knezevic

DPhil Candidate

Genomic drug target prediction, prioritization, and validation

My work focuses on using genomic data (e.g. GWAS and eQTL) to develop bioinformatic pipelines for drug target prediction and prioritization. I'm aiming to aggregate existing drug data- target, type, development stage, etc.- in order to understand the underlying genetic factors that may be predictive of successful drug development. By pooling various data sources and adding multiple layers and types of parameters, I'm looking to optimize the discovery and prioritization of novel drug targets. Once novel candidates are established, I hope to conduct high-throughput experimental validation. Ultimately, my work aims to inform more efficient drug development by taking into account the plethora of genetic and genomic data available to us in today's world.

As an undergraduate, I studied at the University of Calgary, where I received a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Neuroscience. During my time there, I worked under Prof Ken Lukowiak, at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. My undergraduate research looked at environmental factors influencing the processes of learning and memory, in Lymnaea stagnalis. In 2015, I was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, which I am currently using to work towards my DPhil in Clinical Medicine.

KeywordsGenetics, Genomics, GWAS, eQTL, Bioinformatics, Drug Target, Drug Development