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Research groups

Athina Paterou

Research Assistant

I have been a member of the DIL group since May 2017 and I have been involved into investigations of how the immune system works in autoimmunity. With the use of various cutting-edge technologies such as 10x genomics single cell VDJ sequencing, Nanostring RNA expression, whole genome sequencing and HLA typing etc, we want to explore how HLA class II dictates whether T cells will react to self-antigens and why. 

My interest in immunology goes further back when I was studying the role of RNA binding proteins in regulating inflammatory cytokines and how intracellular parasites manipulate their immune host cells. Although coming from an infectious diseases and molecular biology background by training (MSc, PhD and post doctorate work), I am delighted to be working on human genetic diseases such as T1D and contributing to the fight against autoimmunity.