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Anthony Payne

DPhil student

Research overview

I am originally from Pasadena, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and completed a Bachelor of Music in 2013 then continued on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Statistics in 2014. Both of these degrees are from Memorial University of Newfoundland. During the final years of my undergraduate degree, I worked part-time researching association of environmental factors and several SNPs on adiposity in Newfoundland.

I have since come to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, and started my DPhil work in October 2014 with Profs Mark McCarthy and Cecilia Lindgren. I work primarily on data analysis, generally looking at RNA-Seq data with a specific interest in lncRNAs. My focus has been on relationships and intersection between lncRNA eQTLs, co-expression networks, GWAS-identified trait- and disease-associated SNPs, and related protein-coding genes in multi-tissue samples.