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Anubha Mahajan

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Senior Team Leader in Human Genetics


For the past decade, my research has primarily focused on the genetic analysis of complex traits, with particular emphasis on the multifactorial form of type 2 diabetes. I have led/co-led analysis of high-throughput genetic studies as part of several large international consortia, including DIAGRAM, GoT2D, T2D-GENES, ExTexT2D, DIAMANTE etc. (employing GWAS, exome-chip, exomes, and genomes), bringing together individual data-sets into progressively larger meta-analyses (involving diverse ethnicities) enabling a more comprehensive exploration of the genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes, defining the likely universe of disease-causing variation.

Over last few years, I have shifted my research focus beyond discovery, using human genetics to advance the mechanistic understanding of type 2 diabetes. By integrating the expansive sample numbers generated for genetics with diverse sources of genomic (particularly via access to T2D-relevant tissues), physiological, clinical, and microbiome information, I seek to gain key insights into the molecular and physiological basis of type 2 diabetes predisposition.


(*equal contribution; #corresponding author)

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