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Primary Data QC

Ensuring high data quality through a rigorous QC at the OGC

The quality of the sequencing data generated at the Oxford Genomics Centre (OGC) is analysed using an in-house developed primary Quality Control (QC) pipeline. Depending on the library type,…more

Sequencing Quality Control


Figure 1: Illumina sequencing process. DNA fragments bind the flow cell through the adaptors. Thereafter, bridge amplification with unlabeled nucleotide creates the clusters. Nucleotides labeled with different dyes…more

A guide to reference genome selection


Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, the human reference genome has continued to be updated and refined by the Genome Reference Consortium (GRC), a team of scientists from NCBI, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute,…more

Read-to-index mis-assignment


The Oxford Genomics Centre (OGC) has been generating sequencing data using Illumina’s high-throughput technologies since 2008. Over these years the combined experience within the group and relationship with its end users has enabled the OGC…more

Quality Checking Metric Examples


Submitting samples

When we receive samples, whether they are DNA, RNA or Premade libraries, they first undergo our quality control (QC) assays before being processed by the Library Preparation Team or Sequencing Team. Performing these assays…more

How you can work with the Oxford Genomics Centre


The OGC combines years of technical knowledge with state of the art equipment to generate high quality genomics data for you. Whether you’re an experienced researcher or absolute beginner; industry or academia we can guide…more

Sepsis metagenomics: a comparison of three platforms

Cyndi Goh, Clinical Research Fellow, J Knight Group (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford)



Sepsis, the dysregulated host immune response to infection (Singer et al, 2016), is a major public health burden, accounting for 5%…more