Personalised Medicine

This video How to read DNA is a great starting point if you are totally new to genetics. 

Personalised medicine encompasses all aspects of healthcare from health promotion, risk stratification and screening through to clinical diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. It is typically used to refer to the application of new technologies to tailor healthcare, including imaging, biomarkers, and often genetics on which we currently have a focus. For example, instead of a population-based 'one size fits all' approach, applying the knowledge acquired from sequencing human and pathogen genomes will allow patients to be matched to the best therapy, so that a patient is treated with the right drug at the right dose at the right time.

Rapid advances in genetics research and the declining cost of new sequencing technologies is enabling information from genomics research to be targeted to healthcare. It has the potential to transform our approach to individual, population and global health by reducing costs and increasing the efficacy of disease prevention and treatment. Translating this knowledge from concept to clinic will require further basic science, clinical and policy-based research, and continued exploration of the ethical, legal and societal implications.

Examples of Personalised Medicine in Oxford

E Barnes

Prof Ellie Barnes, Consortium Lead STOP-HCV.
Contact:  Dr. Emma Hudson; Project Manager. e-mail;  
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R Banerjee

Perspectum Diagnostics
Dr Rajarshi Banerjee, Chief Executive and Founder of Perspectum Diagnostics
Contact: Matt Kelly, Head of Innovation;
Click here to read about Dr Rajarshi Banerjee's research


S Wordsworth

Genomics England Health Economic GeCIP

Dr Sarah Wordsworth, Lead for the Health Economics Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) of the 100,000 Genomes Project
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