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Surname Title First Name Job Title Location Extension Group Email Address
Casadei Prof Barbara Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine Division Cardiovsacular Medicine 34660 Cardiovascular Medicine
Berry Ms Eunice PA to Prof Casadei Division Cardiovascular Medicine 34664 Cardiovascular Medicine
Conlon Prof Chris Professor of Infectious Diseases 20.07 87990 NDM
Smith Ms Kathryn PA to Prof Conlon 20.09 87990 NDM
Bhattacharya Prof Shoumo BHF Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine 10/049 87771 / 87746 Cardiovascular Medicine
Clancy Dr Charlotte PA to Prof Bhattacharya 10/006 87873 Cardiovascular Medicine
Bowden Dr Thomas MRC Career Development Fellow OPIC 87802 STRUBI
Buck Dr David Head of High Throughput Genomics 10/007 87575 Genomic Services
Channon Field Marshall Earl Alexander  Prof Keith Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine 10/011 87581 Cardiovascular Medicine
Stafford Mrs Dianne Academic PA to Prof Channon RDM 572783 Cardiovascular Medicine  
Choudhury Prof Robin Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine 10/075 87616 Cardiovascular Medicine
Cornall Prof Richard

Professor of Immunology and Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine and Head of Department

HWBMP 20/052 87990 CCMP
Smith Kathryn PA to Richard Cornall Link 20.09 87990 NDM Strategic   
Davies Dr Ben Transgenic Core Head 10/052 87836 Transgenics (BMS)
Gilbert Prof Robert Professor of Biophysics, Director of Graduate Studies, NDM 00/123 87535 STRUBI
Green Dr Catherine Head of Chromosome Dynamics & NDM Scientific Leadership Fellow 00/066 87719 Chromosome Dynamics
Grimes Dr Jonathan NDM Senior Research Fellow 00/116 87561 STRUBI
Jones Prof E Yvonne Joint Head of STRUBI & Professor of Protein Crystallography 00/115 87546 STRUBI
Krupa Agata PA for Prof Jones 00.118 87547 STRUBI
Knight Prof Julian Professor of Genomic Medicine 00/039 87651 / 87531 Inflammation & Immunity
Kwiatkowski Prof Dominic Professor of Tropical Paediatrics 00/041 87654 Inflammation & Immunity
Nathwani Claire PA to Prof Kwiatkowski 00/037 87529 Kwiatkowski
Leedham Dr Simon Cancer Research UK Clinical Scientist Fellow 10/009 87661/87624 Simon Leedham
Lindgren Dr Cecilia Group Leader 10/037 87627 (07825855695) BDI
Neubauer Prof Stefan Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine 10/040 87603 Cardiovascular Medicine
O'Callaghan Prof Chris Principal Investigator HWBMP 20/002 87789 CCMP
Owens Prof Ray Professor of Molecular Biology OPPF 87748 STRUBI
Simms Ms Jane PA to Prof Pugh HWBMP 10/004 87781 CCMP
Schneider Dr Jurgen BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow BMRU 87762 / 87764 Cardiovascular Medicine
Siebold Dr Christian CRUK Senior Research Fellow 00/124 87564 STRUBI
Stuart Prof David MRC Professor of Structural Biology 00/120 87546 STRUBI
Claire Morris PA to Prof Stuart 00/118 87546 STRUBI
Taylor Assoc Prof Jenny Programme Director -BRC Genetics Theme 10/048 87633 BRC Genetics Theme
Seymour Donna PA to Dr Taylor 10/048 87631 BRC Genetics Theme
Tzima Prof Ellie Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow

10/048 &

Lab 4 10/130

87558 & Lab 87717 CV Med
Watkins Prof Hugh Radcliffe Professor of Medicine 10/014 87584 Cardiovascular Medicine
Ferguson Jeanette Ferguson PA to Prof Hugh Watkins 234657 Cardiovascular Medicine
Zondervan Prof Krina Professor of Reproductive & Genomic Epidemiology 10/037 87627 GGEU