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dishThe purpose of the ISAB is to provide the Director and the Centre's Management Committee with a scientific perspective of the Centre from outside, and feedback on the Centre's ability to meet its scientific objectives. The Board comprises of a group of internationally-recognised and experienced scientists who have both the general knowledge of the field and expertise in specific areas that are relevant to the Centre's activities.

Current membership of the International Scientific Advisory Board is as follows:

Prof Nicholas Hastie (Chair), Director of the MRC Human Genetics Unit, Director of the Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Prof David Altshuler, Deputy Director and Chief Academic Officer, Broad Institute, USA

Dr Inês Barroso, Head of Human Genetics Programme, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge

Prof Barry Bloom,Dean, Harvard School of Public Health, USA

Dr Nancy Cox, Director, Vanderbilt Genetics Institute, USA

Dr Thomas Hudson, Director, Ontario Cancer Institute, Canada

Prof Jake Lusis, Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, and Molecular Genetics, UCLA, USA

Dr Dino Moras, IGCMB,CNRS/INSER/ULP, France

Prof Betsy Nabel, President, Brigham and Women's Health Care, USA

Prof Molly Przeworski,Professor, Columbia University, USA

Prof Martin Raff, Emeritus Professor, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, London