Zeiss Elyra TIRF Microscope

The new Zeiss Elyra TIRF PALM super-resolution microscope is located in room 00/072, Laboratory 1, in the WTCHG building.  
Elyra microscope

General Specifications

Download the Elyra's Zeiss Quick Start Guide and the Core's Abridged Instructions for getting started here. Further help is available in pdf form on the Elyra PC's C System drive including the full system manual, plus there is additional in-program help within Zen Blue. 

Access to the Zeiss Elyra confocal system is through members of the Cellular Imaging staff, email us all at cellular-imaging@well.ox.ac.uk. Please feel free to inquire about what this Zeiss Elyra TIRF super-resolution microscope has to offer.