Zeiss Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

The new Zeiss Cell Observer Spinning Disc Confocal is located in the biological Catagory 3 classified suite at the Oxford Particle Imaging Centre, STRUBI, in the WTCHG building.  

Zeiss Spinning Disk

General Specifications

To view the Ziess spinning disk *.czi image files on your office PC you will need to download and install Zeiss's Zen Lite program (Windows PCs only). Download the Core's Abridged Instructions for getting started and Zeiss Cell Observer Brochure here. Further help is available as pdf's on the Spinning Disk's PC System C: drive and via in-program help with the Zeiss Zen Blue software.

Access to the microscope is via Robin Parsons in OPIC (biological classification level 3 containment health and safety) and the WTCHG Cellular Imaging Microscopy Core (for microscope training and booking).