chelt crowd
NDM's interactive 'gene tree'

WTCHG at Cheltenham Science Festival

This year for the first time the Nuffield Department of Medicine became a partner at the Cheltenham Science Festival, one of the biggest and most popular in the country. Centre members joined the teams of researchers who presented games, puzzles and interactive exhibits to hundreds of visitors in the Festival's Discover Zone in the week of 3-8 June.

The People of the British Isles team demonstrated population genetics using NDM's 'gene tree' and post-it notes to look at genetic variance, and a taste test to determine whether or not you were a ‘super taster’. The exhibit, featuring a map illustrating the genetic heritage of the British population, was originally produced by WTCHG for the 2012 Royal Society Summer Science exhibition.

Knight cheltenham
Julian Knight's group ready to meet the public

Julian Knight’s group explained genetics using the 'gene tree' and DNA bracelets, demonstrated DNA extraction from fruit and built a model of DNA out of sweets.

On Saturday 7 June Centre director Peter Donnelly participated in a main festival event in Cheltenham Town Hall entitled ‘Your genome and your health’. This was a discussion about gentic medicine and the ethical, legal and personal issues it can raise, also featuring Ingrid Slade, director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine which is a joint venture between the Centre and St Anne's College.

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