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Podcasts from our lab

A podcast of my time on the Robinson Crusoe Island

A blog of my time on the Robinson Crusoe Island (click through to blogs from March 2015)

A lightning tour of our lab on a Thursday afternoon

A blog from the work experience students (click through to blogs from August 2015)

A podcast (mp4) discussing the research of the Newbury lab.

A scientific webcast (mp4) describing our research.

An interview (mp3) with the Naked Scientists.

An evening lecture at Science Oxford.

Related podcasts

If you enjoyed those, you might like these related podcasts:

A podcast by Dorothy Bishop - 'Languages disorders in children: What can they tell us about genes and brains?'

A podcast by Silvia Parachinni - 'Dyslexia and Genetics'

A podcast by Peter Donnelly - 'The genetics of common human disease'.

The RALLIcampaign youtube channel has several videos about language impairment.

Dorothy Bishop has a blog on all things academic.