Taylor Group

Vassilis Ragoussis


DPhil Clinical Medicine


Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, Roosevelt Dr. Oxford, OX3 7BN


I am a DPhil student in Clinical Medicine at Keble College. My research involves the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to identify de novo CNVs or point mutations in juvenile schizophrenia patients and also perform a battery of functional tests on patient and control cell lines. This research is part of the MINDS project (mechanisms impairing neural development in schizophrenia) in collaboration with Associate Prof Francis Szele (Biochemistry) and Dr Tony James (Psychiatry).

I started my postgraduate studies at Oxford in October 2016, having previously attained my bachelor's degree in Health Science and Public Health from Boston University, US. During my undergraduate studies I completed several internships at the Centre of Genomics and Policy at McGill University, Montreal.

Outside the lab I am a Blue in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race 2017, and have represented Great Britain internationally in junior rowing.