Dr Varun Ramraj

Varun Ramraj

Automation & Information Management Developer


Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Roosevelt Dr. 
Oxford, OX3 7BN


Research summary

I am a Wellcome Trust Core member with joint appointments to both the High-Throughput Genomics and the Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics departments. My mandate is to re-design, implement and support key internal systems that manage customer projects, workflows and data pipelines. I am involved in making key technology decisions and being responsible for determining the direction of development, especially with the Centre's involvement in large-scale data-gathering and analysis in realms such as exome- and single-cell sequencing.

Selected publications

Ramraj, V (2015) Modular, well-documented software promotes modular, maintainable lab processes (blog post). Splice, 14 July 2015.

Ramraj, V (2014) "Exploiting whole-PDB analysis in novel bioinformatics applications". DPhil thesis, University of Oxford.

Ramraj, V; Evans, G; Diprose, JM; Esnouf, RM (2012) Nearest-cell: A fast and easy tool for locating crystal matches in the PDB.Acta Cryst. D68, 1697-1700 

Ramraj, V; Ho, K (2012) The Use of Bioinformatics in Care Map Analysis, in Ho, K., Jarvis-Selinger, S., Novak Lauscher, H., Cordeiro, J., Scott, R. (eds), Technology Enabled Knowledge Translation for eHealth: Principles and Practice, Springer, pp 309-321

Ramraj, V (2010) Computational analysis of clinical practice guidelines : development of a software suite and document standard for storage and analysis of care maps. MSc thesis, University of British Columbia