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TeamDyslexia team

Dr Antonio Velayos-Baeza  avelayos@well.ox.ac.uk

Dr Zoe Holloway               zoe.holloway@well.ox.ac.uk

Conor Poland                   conorcp@well.ox.ac.uk

Working in Prof. Zoltan Molnar's Lab, DPAG

Luiz Guidi                   luiz.guidi@well.ox.ac.uk

Melissa Bailey             melissa.bailey@sjc.ox.ac.uk



Dr Silvia Paracchini           sp58@st-andrews.ac.uk

Dr Tom Scerri                  scerri@wehi.EDU.AU

Dr Simon Fisher               Simon.Fisher@mpi.nl

Isabel Martinez Garay  isabel.martinezgaray@dpag.ox.ac.uk



The Developmental Dyslexia project is funded by The Wellcome Trust.