Staff Members

Staff at the BMRU are members of Professor Stefan Neubauer’s Basic Science Group. Within this group, MR is only one of several techniques used to characterise the heart. Accordingly, we work very closely with other disciplines such as physiology, genetics, biology and medicine.


Front (L-R): Lee-Anne Stork, Sonia De Munari, Aude Vernet
Rear: Jürgen Schneider, Hao Xu, Darryl McClymont, Christakis Constantinides, Mahon Maguire, Ampere Kui
Absent: Irvin Teh, Louise Tear

Stefan Neubauer, MD, FRCP is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Director of the University of Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research (OCMR) and the BMRU. He has been working with experimental CMR since the mid 1990's and brings 20 years of expertise in Cardiology, Cardiac Metabolism and experimental MR.

Jurgen E. Schneider, PhD is a senior Physicist at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford, and is a major driving force in the development and application of experimental cardiac MRI and MRS methods in Oxford. He co-directs the BMRU and leads the technical development of experimental cardiac MR at the unit.

Christakis Constantinides, PhD is a Marie Curie Fellow in the BMRU. His specific research interests focus on the study of cardiac mechanical function, computational and tissue structure modeling and characterization, and functional and cellular tracking methods using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The goal of his research efforts is the complete characterization of the electromechanical function of the heart in small animals, aiming to promote the understanding of mechanisms of human disease that is predominantly underlined by genetic causes.

Mahon Maguire, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher in BMRU. His expertise lies in NMR, metabolomics, data analysis and computing with experience in the study of the metabolic impact of diabetes and of cardiac disease.

Darryl McClymont, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher at the BMRU. His background is in the development of CAD tools for clinical MRI. His focus is on the development of non-Gaussian diffusion MRI techniques for the assessment of healthy and diseased cardiac tissue.

Sonia De Munari, PhD is a postdoctoral researcher at the BMRU. Her interests are in the design and application of MRI and PET-MRI probes for the imaging of the heart. Her major focus is the generation of dual MRI-PET probes for targeting mitochondria, under the collaborative project of the Scheider and Gouverneur groups.

Debra Medway, B.Sc supports the MR-research at the BMRU. Her expertise comprises surgical techniques (induction of myocardial infarction using the murine model) as well as echocardiography and molecular biological techniques.

Lee-Anne Stork, M.Sc supports the MR-research in BMRU, and is responsible for the day-to-day laboratory work as well as organisational and administrative issues within the unit. Her expertise comprises the magnetic resonance technique, as well as electron microscopy, histological and molecular biological techniques.

Aude Vernet, M.Sc is the µCT technician, and has a supportive role in the research.

Louise Tear, MChem is studying for a DPhil in Biomedical Imaging. Her research focuses on the development of MRI probes for hypoxia and ischaemia through collaboration with the Faulkner and BUBBL groups.

Former Staff Members

Irvin Teh, PhD was a postdoctoral researcher in the BMRU. His background is in MRI physics and his research focused on methods development for diffusion MRI for characterisation and modelling of the heart. 

Ampere Kui, M.Sc was a software developer for BMRU. His professional interest is in cluster computing.

Vicky Thornton, MRes supported the MR research in BMRU, where she was responsible for the daily running and organisation of the laboratory. She played a key role in routine experimental work within the department, in both MRI and µCT imaging. Vicky was also working to establish and develop the imaging of neonatal rodents for the understanding of cardiac regeneration capabilities at this early age. Vicky’s background lies within Human Biology, with research completed in cognitive function at Loughborough University.

Leonie Diffley, PhD was a research assistant in the BMRU where she was involved in the organising of the lab and dealing with administrative issues. Further to this, her experimental work included T1 measurements by MRI and routine histology. Leonie’s background lies in cardiac physiology.

Maelene Lohezic, PhD was a post-doctoral researcher in BMRU. Her research focused on in-vivo cardiac MR imaging, with the development of new acquisition strategies and improved reconstruction algorithms. She worked on applying Diffusion Tensor Imaging to the beating heart in murine models.

Kyle Caldock, BSc (Hons) Computing Science, was a software developer for the BMRU. He was working on the development of specialist software that implements advanced image reconstruction techniques for data acquired from MRI scanners. Much of this software already existed as offline procedures written in the programming language IDL. Kyle's task was to develop these routines using efficient, optimised, low-level C code that can run directly on the computer that controls the MRI scanner.

Kiterie Faller, DVM MRCVS, DPhil was studying for a DPhil in cardiovascular medicine and investigating energentics in heart failure. Kiterie's background prior to starting was in veterinary medicine.

Belen Rial Franco, M.Sc, DPhil was working on proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy methods for investigating the metabolism of human hearts on a clinical 3 Tesla MR system.

Hannah Barnes, M.Sc supported the MR-research in BMRU and, as well as being responsible for the daily running of the lab, played a key role in routine experimental work. Hannah's background was in Sports Physiology.

Patrick Hales, PhD was a postdoctoral researcher in the BMRU. He was working on diffusion weighted MR imaging techniques, as part of a collaborative project with Computational Biology and Physiology, with an aim to producing detailed 3D images of whole hearts.

Steffen Bohl, Dr. Med. was a postdoctoral clinician at the University of Berlin, Germany. He had a background in Emergency Medicine/Cardiology and a research focus on cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging. His project aimed to develop T1-weighted post-contrast and T2-weighted imaging techniques for the assessment of acute myocardial injury in murine cardiac ischemia/reperfusion at ultrahigh magnetic field strength. His work at the BMRU was funded through the German Cardiological Society and the Else-Kroener-Fresenius Stiftung.