Chromosome Dynamics & Microscopy
Services and Cost Recovery Charges

1. Chromosome Dynamics Core

The Chromosome Dynamics service offered by the Core consists of a range of different Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) applications including:

Related Tissue Culture Techniques:

Probe Preparation:

The Core group can also provide support with the following cytological techniques:


2. Microscopy

As part of the Microscopy Facilities made available by the Cellular Imaging Core, the Chromosome Dynamics laboratory houses the following fluorescence microscope for providing Cores services within the Centre:


Our Cost Recovery Charges

We operate a cost recovery system for the molecular cytogenetic services we offer, although this is a minimal charge and only recovers the cost of the consumables we have to use for the techniques.

Download our cost recovery charges as an Adobe pdf file. You may also download our Core flyer detailing the services we offer.