Royal Society Theo Murphy Blue Skies Award


A Centre researcher has been awarded a Royal Society grant to investigate new methods for sequencing the human genome.

Dr Kalim Mir's research will involve developing a method for displaying individual human genomes on the surface of a glass slide, which will enable sequence, structural and epigenomic information to be extracted by single molecule detection.Kalim_Mir

The research is being funded as part of the Theo Murphy Blue Skies Awards for research in the fields of science, technology and engineering. Six awards have been made and research projects include a vaccine for malaria, reducing drug resistance by design, accessing the chemistry and physical variability of the ocean bottom boundary layer and the development of new kinds of detectors for measuring isotopes.

Dr Mir said: "The research is important because it could lead to a fundamentally new, precise and highly informative method for personalized genomics that links sequence with genome structure (e.g. Copy Number Variation) and modification (e.g. methylation)."

"I am delighted to receive the award because it will enable bright young students and post-docs in my lab to put together novel single molecule methods and will provide them with the running costs to undertake experiments that could lead to a transformative personal genomics technology.  In the long-run this could help make management of an individual's health more preventative in nature and treatment more personalized."

For more information on Dr Mir's research, click here.