Research groups at WHG

The Centre is composed of scientific research groups that work to understand the genetic foundations of human variation and disease. Scientists in the Centre work in diverse fields, developing and applying statistical, computational, and experimental methods to a wide range of medical conditions. The main areas of research include bioinformatics, cardiovascular disease, genomics, structural biology, immunity and inflammation, cancer genetics, metabolism, statistical genetics and transgenics.


Immunity, Inflammation and Infectious Disease

Calliope Dendrou

Dr Calliope Dendrou: Function genomics of autoimmune disease


Prof. Adrian Hill: Vaccine development against malaria and other pathogens; genetics susceptibility to bacterial and other infectious diseases

D Kwaitkowski

Prof. Dominic Kwiatkowski: Host determinants of malarial pathogenesis


Prof. Julian Knight: Functional genomics of immunity


Prof. John Todd: Type 1 Diabetes


Cardiovascular Disease

Shoumo Bhattacharya

Prof. Shoumo Bhattacharya: Cardiac development, congenital heart disease and myocardial homeostasis

Barbara Casadei

Prof. Barbara Casadei: Nitric oxide/redox signalling in health and disease (e.g. myocardial ischaemia, diabetes, heart failure and atrial fibrillation)

Keith Channon

Prof. Keith Channon: The role of nitric oxide and superoxide in the early endothelial dysfunction characteristic of pre-atherosclerotic states

Robin Choudhury

Prof. Robin Choudhury: Development and application of magnetic resonance imaging to characterise atherosclerosis and vascular disease


Prof. Martin Farrall: The molecular basis and population genetics of multifactorial cardiovascular disease and associated quantitative (intermediate) phenotypes. Visit the PROCARDIS webpages


Prof. Stefan Neubauer: The role of cardiac energetics in heart failure and magnetic resonance techniques for phenotyping cardiovascular disease

Ellie Tzima

Prof. Ellie Tzima: Cardiovascular Science and Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology



Prof. Jurgen Schneider: Development of fast cardiac MRI techniques at ultra-high fields

Hugh Watkins

Prof. Hugh Watkins: Molecular genetics and molecular biology of heart muscle disease; molecular genetics of complex cardiovascular phenotypes. Visit the PROCARDIS webpages


Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

Anna Gloyn

Prof. Anna GloynHuman Type 2 diabetes and glycaemic traits

C Lindgren

Prof. Cecilia LindgrenGenetics and genomics of obesity

Mark McCarthy

Prof. Mark McCarthyHuman Type 2 diabetes and obesity

Statistical and Population Genetics

Peter Donnelly

Prof. Peter Donnelly: Genome-wide association methods; statistical genetics; genomic epidemiology; genomics

C Holmes

Prof. Chris Holmes: Theory, methods and applications of statistical models in the fields of statistical genetics and geo-spatial statistics

Zam Iqbal

Dr Zamin Iqbal: Computational methods, pathogen genomics

Gerton Lunter

Prof. Gerton Lunter: Genome evolution; indel mutations


Prof. Gil McVean: Population genetics; coalescent modelling; statistical genetics; pathogen evolution and variation

J Marchini

Prof. Jonathan Marchini: Statistical genetics; genome-wide association studies; computationally intensive statistics; Bayesian statistics; image analysis

A Morris

Dr Andrew Morris: Genomic epidemiology; statistical genetics

S Myers

Prof. Simon Myers: Population genetics, specifically the use of stochastic models to understand patterns of variation in samples drawn from a population

Chris Spencer

Dr Chris Spencer: Statistical and population genetics; in particular autoimmune and infectious disease with a focus on African populations

Christopher Yau

Prof. Chris Yau: Computational statistical methods for applications in cancer genetics and genomics

Krina Zondervan
Prof. Krina Zondervan: Genomic epidemiology, Endometriosis, Women's Health

Structural Biology


Prof. Yvonne Jones: Cell-cell communication and signalling systems in developmental biology

Dave Stuart

Prof. Dave Stuart: Viruses, viral proteins and cell surface receptors


Prof. Radu Aricescu: The structural biology of memory

Thomas Bowden

Dr Thomas Bowden: Viral attachment glycoproteins during infection


Prof. Robert Gilbert: Structural biology of membrane proteins, viruses and ribosomes


Prof. Jonathan Grimes: Structural virology


Prof Kay Grünewald: Cryo electron tomographic studies of complex viruses


Prof. Juha Huiskonen: Structures of haemorrhagic viruses

ray owens

Prof. Ray Owens: Oxford Protein Production Facility


Prof. Christian Siebold: Molecular mechanisms of hedgehog signalling


Dr Sergi Padilla-Parra: Regulation of virus entry mechanisms, and core cellular imaging

Tzviya Zeev-Ben-Mordehai

Dr Tzviya Zeev-Ben-Mordehai: Mechanisms of membrane fusion


Prof. Peijun Zhang: Structural biology of viruses and protein assemblies 


Cancer Genetics


Prof. Simon Leedham: Molecular and Population Genetics

Ross Chapman

Dr Ross ChapmanChromatin and genome integrity

David Church

Dr David Church: Tumor and host interactions

Annabelle Lewis

Dr. Annabelle LewisColorectal cancer gene regulation



Dr David Buck: Head of Core Genomics



Chromosome Dynamics



Prof. Catherine Green: Chromosome stability during DNA replication, and core cytogenetics support for other groups

BenDavies Dr Ben Davies: Transgenic methodologies and adapting existing technologies to tackle the functional analysis of genetic variation

Translational Genetics

J Taylor

Prof. Jenny Taylor: Translation of genetics research into clinical practice


Dr Samantha Knight: Translational genetics: bringing clinically relevant research into routine diagnostic practice