Research at WHG

Research groups


Over 40 principal investigators lead research groups working across the spectrum of topics from disease mechanisms to statistical analyses. The Centre's researchers have made significant contributions to the genetics and genomics of human disease. We also have a growing interest in functional analyses, particularly in elucidating the structures of biologically important molecules. The Centre has a strong commitment to the translation of research findings into clinical benefits.

Areas of research

The Centre's research areas span a wide range of subjects and techniques. We have developed particular experience in human disease research including inflammation and immunity, psychiatric and neurogenetics, cancer, Type 2 diabetes and obesity, and cardiovascular disease. In addition we have research groups specialising in cross-cutting areas of expertise: structural biology, statistical and population genetics, genomics, transgenics and translational genetics.

Scientific cores

research computing

The Centre's research groups are supported by world-leading support teams or 'cores'. These provide access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise in the areas of high-throughput genomics, bioinformatics and statistical genetics, transgenics, research computing and IT, chromosome dynamics and cellular imaging.


The Centre's researchers publish around 300 original papers per year.


The Centre holds regular seminars, with distinguished invited speakers visiting from all over the world.