Rebekah Dutton

DPhil student


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Wellcome Trust

Research interests:

Genetic effects on behaviour are poorly characterized at a molecular
level, but the availability of new high throughput technologies to query
the genome could radically improve progress towards the goal of
identifying genes involved in behaviour. My project uses existing genetic
information from inbred mice strains to identify copy number variants
(CNVs) in chromosomal regions which have been linked to anxiety phenotypes
in outbred mice. These CNVs can then be confirmed by sequencing. If a CNV
lies in a functional part of the genome, the relevant gene will be knocked
out, and the effect upon the anxiety phenotype of the resulting knockout
mice can be investigating using behavioural tests. I also intend to
investigate the action of genes involved in anxiety at the molecular
level, and their anatomical effect upon brain structures such as the

Research areas:

Anxiety, Copy Number Variants, Hippocampus


Genetics, Anxiety, Behaviour, Brain function