Chapman group publications

Selected Publications

Cuella-Martin R, Oliveira C, Lockstone H, Snellenberg S, Gromulsova N, Chapman JR (2016). 53BP1 Integrates DNA Repair and p53-Dependent Cell Fate Decisions via Distinct Mechanisms. Molecular Cell, 64(1):51-64.

Xu, G., Chapman, J.R., Brandsma, I., Yuan, J., Mistrik, M., Bouwman, P., Bartkova, J. et al. (2015). REV7 counteracts DNA double-strand break resection and affects PARP inhibitionNature, 521(7553):541–4.

Figure 3 website
RIF1-deficiency in mice results in aberrant nucleolytic processing of DSBs during immunoglobulin class-switch recombination. Chromatin immunoprecipitation of the single stranded DNA binding protein RPA32 at Immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) and control (Rpp30) loci in stimulated primary B-cells.

Chapman, J. R., Barral, P., Vannier, J.-B., Borel, V., Steger, M., Tomas-Loba, A., et al. (2013). RIF1 is essential for 53BP1-dependent nonhomologous end joining and suppression of DNA double-strand break resection. Molecular Cell, 49(5), 858–871.

Chapman, J. R., Sossick, A. J., Boulton, S. J., & Jackson, S. P. (2012). BRCA1-associated exclusion of 53BP1 from DNA damage sites underlies temporal control of DNA repair. Journal of Cell Science, 125(Pt 15), 3529–3534.

Polo, S. E.*, Blackford, A. N.*, Chapman, J. R., Baskcomb, L., Gravel, S., Rusch, A., et al. (2012). Regulation of DNA-end resection by hnRNPU-like proteins promotes DNA double-strand break signaling and repair. Molecular Cell, 45(4), 505–516. (*equal contribution)

Lloyd, J*., Chapman, J. R*., Clapperton, J. A.*, Haire, L. F., Hartsuiker, E., Li, J., et al. (2009). A supramodular FHA/BRCT-repeat architecture mediates Nbs1 adaptor function in response to DNA damage. Cell, 139(1), 100–111. (*equal contribution)

Chapman, J. R., & Jackson, S. P. (2008). Phospho-dependent interactions between NBS1 and MDC1 mediate chromatin retention of the MRN complex at sites of DNA damage. EMBO reports, 9(8), 795–801.

Gravel, S., Chapman, J. R., Magill, C., & Jackson, S. P. (2008). DNA helicases Sgs1 and BLM promote DNA double-strand break resection. Genes & Development, 22(20), 2767–2772.

Kolas, N. K.*, Chapman, J. R.*, Nakada, S.*, Ylanko, J., Chahwan, R., Sweeney, F. D., et al. (2007). Orchestration of the DNA-damage response by the RNF8 ubiquitin ligase. Science, 318(5856), 1637–1640. (*equal contribution)

Jones, R. E., Chapman, J. R., Puligilla, C., Murray, J. M., Car, A. M., Ford, C. C., & Lindsay, H. D. (2003). XRad17 is required for the activation of XChk1 but not XCds1 during checkpoint signaling in Xenopus. Molecular biology of the cell, 14(9), 3898–3910.


Chapman, J. R., Taylor, M. R. G., & Boulton, S. J. (2012). Playing the end game: DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice. Molecular Cell, 47(4), 497–510.