PROCARDIS research projects


Assembled a uniquely large and carefully phenotyped collection of subjects from UK, Sweden, Germany and Italy with early (documented CAD event before age 66) CAD with extensive clinical and biochemical intermediate phenotype data are available since study subjects have been examined in dedicated clinics.

[PROCARDIS is no longer recruiting]

Data Generation

We genotyped about 7,500 CAD cases and controls using the whole genome Illumina genotyping array

Genotyped 3128 cases and 3349 controls using the IBC 50K chip

Genotyped 1000 cases and 1000 controls using the 200K Metabochip

Genotyped about 2600 cases and 2300 controls using the Exome Chip array

Exome Sequenced about 500 cases and later sequenced about 1000 more cases and 1000 controls

Imputed the genome wide genotype data using the Hapmap2 and 1000G reference panels


PROCARDIS collaborated with HPS, PROMIS and LOLIPOP consortia and formed the C4D consortium

The C4D consortium now is part of a bigger CARDIoGRAMplusC4D consortium

PROCARDIS is also involved in the EU FP7 CVGenes@Target project

PROCARDIS is actively involved in the UK Biobank project

Data Analysis

We have performed genome-wide association studies using the above genotyped and imputed platforms on CAD and various risk phenotypes like BP, lipids, fasting glucose, HBA1C, Homocystein, uric acid, etc. The results from these analyses are part of different meta-analysis consortia and the publications can be seen in publications page.

Current ongoing projects

Follow up functional work on known CAD loci (contact Dr Theodosios Kyriakou)

Analysis the Exome Sequencing data

Analysis of UK Biobank data