Array platforms

Illumina IScan

The IScan System is a cutting-edge, dedicated array scanner which delivers industry-leading application and offers high sensitivity and throughput flexibility for genetic analysis.

Illumina iScan

The IScan system is easily customisable to meet a variety of application and throughput needs. It supports Illumina’s broad portfolio of innovative genetic analysis assays for genotyping, CNV analysis, methylation and gene expression profiling.

In combination with the Autoloader 2.x and the liquid handling Robot – Tecan LIHA, the IScan system is a high-throughput 24-hour per day hands free scanning system for Illumina BeadArray products.



Our experienced team is Illumina CSPro certified and can process up to 1152 samples per week.


 High Data Quality

Powerful assay technology combined with leading-edge scanner

High Sample Throughput

Fast optical scanner for dramatically reduced scan times.


Supports multiple formats, many applications and automation options for easy scale-up

 Fully Integrated

Seamless integration with Autoloader 2.x, liquid handling robot, analysis software, and other downstream applications

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Affymetrix GeneTitan® Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

GeneTitan® Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument and Affymetrix' proven array plates in 96- and 384-array layouts are the first to provide a hands-free, automated solution for monitoring gene expression and genome-wide SNP genotyping.


GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument automates array processing from target hybridization to data generation by combining a hybridization oven, fluidics processing, and state-of-the art imaging device into a single bench-top instrument.

The imaging device in GeneTitan MC Instrument uses an external, high-intensity xenon lamp and dual excitation and emission filters to capture images from array plates for use in genome-wide expression and genotyping studies.

In conjunction with a Beckman Biomek® FX robot the processing workflow is essentially fully automated providing a high levels of reproducibility, throughput and productivity.

Key benefits


Supports mRNA & miRNA expression on 16-, 24-, 96-array layouts and genotyping studies on 96- and 384-array layouts


Delivers high-quality, consistent data every time


Condenses hands-on processing time to as little as 30 minutes, images an array in less than 5 minutes, and operates unattended overnight


Has fewer moving parts so it's easily maintained


Meets both medium- and high-throughput needs


Creates flexible workflows and sample registration via Affymetrix GeneChip® Command Console® (AGCC) Software



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 Agena Bioscience* MassARRAY®

The MassARRAY® System offers matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) for high accuracy and sensitivity, robust chemistry for reproducible results, advanced assay design, and data analysis software. We have one Compact Instrument running with upstream spotting on the Samsung Nanospotter and robotic pipetting on the Beckman Biomek NXP.



With the ability to automatically process up to two multiplexed 384-well SpectroCHIP® Arrays per run, the MassARRAY® System can analyze from hundreds to over 100,000 genotypes per day, and from tens to thousands of samples.

High-performance mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) technology is used for genetic analysis e.g. SNP typing, Allelotyping, INDEL, CNV, DNA methylation and allele-specific expression. Powered by the new UltraSEEK™ chemistry, the MassARRAY® System provides a highly sensitive and multiplexed method for detecting rare events.


Capacity to analyse multiple classes of genetic markers

Ability to quickly create and modify customized assay panels

Flexible sample throughput, from few to thousands

High quality data with low operating costs

*Agena Bioscience was formerly known as Sequenom Bioscience.



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 Fluidigm BiomarkTM HD System

Production-scale throughput with exquisite single-cell sensitivity and consistent results. One simple system to develop, validate, and deploy your gene expression or SNP genotyping panel. Go from dozens to thousands of samples and targets per day using nanolitre reactions.


Analyze RNA, miRNA, DNA, and proteins

Use multiple assay chemistries and different sample/assay configurations

From 144 to 9216 reactions

3µl of assay for 96 targets




Do more with less

 Save time

up to 99% fewer pipetting steps

 Reduce error

without costly robotics

 Save money

nanoliter volume reactions

 Precise mixing

microfluidic distribution of nl volumes

 Increase reliability

inter- and intra-chip correlations of 0.99


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