Computing Cluster

Bioinformatics and statistical genetics

The Oxford Genomics Centre is a leading centre for the generation and statistical analysis of genomic data.  Our aim is to couple cutting-edge research into the genetic basis of complex disease with the development of statistical methodology and computational tools to help researchers interpret their data.



Members of the Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics (BSG) team have played pivotal roles in International Projects including the HapMap Project, the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and the 1000 Genomes Project


The BSG team provides support in all areas of genomic data processing analysis and management.  Our expertise includes whole-genome sequencing, RNA-seq, CHiP-seq, microarray, SNP array and related technologies.  We provide a detailed QC service and, for many data types, a high level of analysis and annotation as part of data delivery.  We also provide a consulting service in which users can benefit from expert statistical analysis from the team and often engage in collaborations to develop bespoke analyses.