Multi-centre studies of the global impact of endometriosis and predictive value of associated symptoms

Funded by the World Endometriosis Research Fund and the EU Public Health Programme, we conducted two prospective, multi-centre epidemiological studies on the impact of endometriosis (the Global Study of Women's Health), and the predictive value of a symptom-based tool in diagnosis (the Women's Health Symptom Survey). In 23 centres world-wide, women aged 18-45 undergoing a first laparoscopy for gynaecological symptoms or tubal sterilisation completed detailed questionnaires prior to surgery, on a range of clinical, reproductive, familial, life-style, and demographic factors (available at: and Surgical information was collected through a standardized questionnaire ( Data from all centres were entered into online questionnaire entry systems, encrypted, and sent to a central, secure server at Oxford University. The studies recruited more than 1800 women worldwide, and showed the significant impact of endometriosis across countries and ethnities (PubMed: 21718982), and that symptomatology has limited predictive value in its diagnosis (PubMed: 22657249).


Global map marking the 17 countries (23 centres) participating in the GSWH and WHSS studies