New fellows are elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences.Ian Tomlinson


Four Oxford University researchers have been elected as Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences, recognising their excellence in medical science.

The new Fellows include Professor Keith Channon and Professor Ian Tomlinson from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (WTCHG).  Academy Fellows are elected for outstanding contributions to the advancement of medical science, for innovative application of scientific knowledge and conspicuous service to healthcare.

Professor Sir John Bell, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said, 'Our new Fellows illustrate the wealth of experience and diversity of talent amongst the UK's research community. Changes in global financial markets, and the promise of medical research to deliver both benefits to health and economic growth, mean it is more important than ever that these assets are recognised and supported.'

Professor Keith Channon is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, with a large research group at the WTCHG, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and director of the Oxford comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre (OxBRC), a partnership between the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and the University of Oxford. Professor Channon undertakes a high volume of complex coronary interventions and stent procedures. His clinical research includes the evaluation of newKeith Channon stents, outcomes from coronary intervention and novel treatments including gene therapy in patients undergoing heart bypass operations. He also runs a basic science research group that is interested in the biology of atherosclerosis (the hardening of arteries). 

Professor Ian Tomlinson is Professor of Molecular and Population Genetics at the WTCHG and an Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals. His research focuses on identifying genes that predispose people to cancer, especially colorectal cancer, and working out how those genetic changes have their effects. Professor Tomlinson is also interested in the relative roles of selection and genomic instability in causing tumours to grow, and in applying this work to new molecular diagnostics.

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