Major grants to Strubi investigators

Christian Siebold

Christian Siebold and Juha Huiskonen in the Division of Structural Biology (Strubi) have been awarded prestigious European Research Council (ERC) consolidator grants each of approximately €2 million. These grants support outstanding researchers who are in the process of consolidating their own independent research programmes.

Juha Huiskonen

Christian Siebold's team will use the funding to study the dynamics of the Hedgehog signalling pathway, a key player in development and stem cell regulation. By combining state-of-the art structural biology techniques and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy he aims to unravel the spatial and temporal processes within the primary cilium, the Hedgehog signalling antenna.

Juha Huiskonen's team studies the host-cell entry of Bunyaviruses, especially Rift Valley fever virus. With the help of ERC funding, Huiskonen's team will use different bio-imaging methods, especially electron cryomicroscopy, tomography and advanced light microscopy, to elucidate the membrane fusion mechanism in these viruses at high spatial and temporal resolution.